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Welcome to the first episode of Determination Nation hosted by Rob Kosberg. In this installment, Rob interviews Josh Felber, a serial entrepreneur and performance coach. His mission in life is to help over a 100 million people design, develop, and deliver their passion and expertise to the world so they can have the freedom, time and the lifestyle they want. He is a two-time Emmy Award-winning executive producer and director of Visoneer: The Peter Diamandis Story. Rob chats with Josh about his personal life, businesses, successes and failures.

What Was Covered

    • [02:45] – Josh tells Rob about the best stuff going on in his life at the moment.
    • [04:40] – What is it like to be an Emmy Award-winning director and producer?
    • [09:01] – What was the biggest failure that you have experienced?
    • [14:54] – How did you handle losing all of the money you worked so hard for?
    • [17:03] – Rob shares the story of when he had to close down some of his businesses after the financial crisis in 2008.
    • [18:30] – Josh tells us about the emotional aspects of losing his business.
    • [20:13] – The biggest lesson Josh learned was that he should have diversified more from a financial standpoint.
    • [22:50] – Josh shares with us how he would do things differently now.
    • [23:47] – Josh talks about taking a step back from his other businesses, so he can help his wife with joint ventures and to bring in more affiliates.
    • [27:11] – Josh tells us about wanting to help people directly, which is why he has sold some of his other businesses.
    • [30:45] – Rob asks Josh some personal rapid fire questions.
    • [35:23] – Josh gives us insight on what we can do first in the morning to be more productive during our day.


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